Carlos Manuel Guillermo Padron Explains the Vitality of Digital Skills for Next-Generation Professionals

September 19 11:30 2019

Nearly all of the operations and processes have been digitalized in the twenty-first century. The new era is literally defined by the virtual world that is controlling almost everything around us. And this is precisely where the importance of digital marketing skills comes into action. More than anything, today’s organizations are striving for digital marketing skills and proficiencies in the young minds. Digital skills are not only required to enhance the portfolio of today’s career pursuers but it has the capacity to boost one’s employability literally.

It holds plenty of importance in today’s time that have been stated by several significant and successful personalities in the world of business today and one of them is Carlos Manuel Guillermo Padron. With his fifteen years of experience in the industry of digital marketing, the dynamic personality is known for offering some of the best ideas and insights about digital marketing to budding digital marketing professionals. According to him, here are some of the top and most significant digital marketing skills that today’s millenials might require.

Search Engine Marketing

Aspirants with SEM experience shall be able to boost the discernibility of a brand’s site on a search engine and the most common one is Google mainly through paid advertising. By that, the trading body shall draw valued web traffic from the SEO result paged.

By using SEM, aspirants shall be able to capture part of the unlimited search traffic results. This is one of the sole reasons content Managers, marketers and webmasters spend a significant amount of time optimizing their ad campaigns and sites to ensure the highest conversion percentage conceivable.

Social Media

The aptitude to understand and apply social media skills efficiently is a fundamental dexterity every professional should possess. Social media marketing drives beyond just posting a tweet or Facebook update, it is about comprehending the vibrant relationship between brands, consumers and influencers. To state in in a simple way, trading bodies need to reach out to consumers in ways that shall drive quality traffic to their site or product and services for possible conversion.

Content Marketing

As opined by renowned digital marketer Carlos Manuel Guillermo Padron, marketers might spend their all their times advertising campaigns and optimizing keywords however, content is shall always be king. After all, any website or social media page is determined by its content and without it, consumers have no way of comprehending the advantages of services and products.

Content is vital in driving product awareness and can literally establish brands or influencers as thought frontrunners. Hence newly hired people require understanding the significance of generating not just content, but content that is pertinent to optimizing and keyword research.

As per Carlos, early eight in ten middle-skill jobs are presently digitally rigorous with roles propelling 2.5 times compared to non-digital occupations. The key aspect regarding digital skills is that they can be used in any job role; it is not solely in the domain of marketers or sellers. As such graduates, job searchers and specialists need to learn this key expertise to enhance their odds of getting recruited.

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