Boating safety tips from the experts at Renegade Boat Rentals Lake Powell

May 21 22:38 2020

As Lake Powell reopens to the public and summer is closing in, boats are appearing on the water. The experts at Renegade Boat Rentals in Lake Powell., have some tips to make your days on the water fun and safe.

1) Know how to operate a boat. Years ago learning how to operate a boat meant putting it in the water and starting the motor. Now, boating education classes are everywhere and highly recommended if not mandated.

Boat Ed has an Arizona state-approved safety course. Troy Martin, owner of Renegade Boats, highly recommends the class, even for someone who has been on the water for decades.

“You can always learn something new. You can always use good advice. Safe boating classes offer both,” he said. “When someone comes to rent a boat from us and they have a safety course under their belt, we feel good about letting them hit the water.”

2) Life jackets. They may be a pain to wear, but they do save lives. Mr. Martin said accidents do happen. If someone is thrown out of the boat, that jacket could be the difference between a tragedy and a story to tell for years.

“Everyone on the boat needs to wear one while the boat is moving. Anyone who cannot swim should be wearing one the minute they get on the water,” he said. “All our boats come with the necessary jackets and flotation devices. We’ll show you how to put them on before you hit the water.”

3) Wear shoes when getting in the water. Many companies sell water shoes or swimming shoes. These are an excellent idea on Lake Powell because of the Quagga mussels. As Mr. Martin says, the small, sharp shells can slice skin and paws in an instance. That will surely ruin a day out.

4) Pack essentials. These include waterproof sunscreen, snacks and drinks. Just leave the alcoholic beverages to someone who is not driving the boat. Boating under the influence is illegal in Arizona.

5) Check your boat. If it’s been a while since the boat was on the water, idle around the dock for a bit. Make sure the motor is going to work. Watch for leaks.

“We check all our boats between every rental,” Mr. Martin said. “We want you to have the best time possible, not sitting in the middle of the lake waiting for someone to pull you back to the landing.”

Outboard motors are especially likely to get gummed up if ethanol is left in the lines for a long time. Mr. Martin recommends boaters only use ethanol-free gasoline.

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