HMC Brands Launches Pirate Kids Bedding Collection Amidst Global Pandemic

September 02 01:25 2020
HMC Brands Launches Pirate Kids Bedding Collection Amidst Global Pandemic
CEO and Founder Marc Gregory credits the crisis for inspiration found in new brands

HMC Brands, a clothing and accessories company, has launched its Pirate Kids Bedding Collection inspired by beauty amidst a global crisis. The apparel company is on a mission to not only put the cool into every design and clothing item, but also to make brands that are inclusive and would be loved by many.

During a difficult time, businesses are often forced to re-think their strategies or even close up shop. For HMC Brands CEO and Founder Marc Gregory, another path was paved for him. For the young entrepreneur, the pandemic has given him the time and the new perspective to take on a new path – working consistently to launch 4 brands all within the HMC Brands umbrella, including his new kids bedding collection.

“I’ve always been a fan of themed clothing, bedding etc. since I was little. It’s a passion for me to produce quality products and to design fun, cute options for everyone,” says Marc. Gregory was a former recording artist from Niles, Ohio and knows a thing or two about art and great design. His principles are built upon making everyone who wears and uses his clothes or accessories to feel like a million bucks.

The Pirate Kids Bedding Collection includes kids-themed bedding, duvet covers, twin bed duvet covers, pillowcases, blankets, bean bags and more. There is everything for every kid, which is what HMC Brands strives for.

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HMC Brands is a fast-growing company that offers apparel and accessories for men, women, and kids.

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