Vida Life announces the launch of a health-tech innovative product for rehab and aid in treatment of COVID19

September 01 22:19 2020

A Singapore-based health-technology company, Vida Life Pte Ltd has launched a professional medical-grade hydrogen-oxygen gas therapy system on August 31st, 2020 called LifeBox. This innovative product is made for personal healthcare to provide relief treatment and rehab for COVID19.

The LifeBox is a hydrogen generator machine, which decomposes hydrogen and oxygen from water in high quantities. It provides up to 2.5 litres of hydrogen-oxygen mixed gas per minute, with 1/3-part (0.8litres) oxygen, which is enough to meet the need of emergencies. It has the max outflow of 1660ml/min, with a hydrogen concentration of 10% and gas purity of >99.999%. It comes in a small footprint, with an automatic cooling system in the latest smart technology.

The LifeBox hydrogen-oxygen gas therapy increases inspiratory capacity in patients with acute tracheal stenosis and will aid in the treatment of lung damage caused by COVID19 and other lung diseases like pneumonia and ARDS with its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

It is a proven method of being used in Chinese hospitals for the rapid recovery of COVID19 patients. The Chinese National Health and Fitness Commission has released the diagnosis and treatment protocol for the new coronavirus pneumonia, which describes the use of a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen inhalation as the general treatment for infection of COVID19.

The LifeBox also benefits on human health in numerous ways. Regularly inhaling hydrogen-oxygen can delay the onset of ageing of the heart, brain, lung, spleen, liver, kidney, and other important organs of the human body. It can reduce and delay the aggression of the disease, reduce the chance of sudden occurrence of diseases, improve cognitive abilities and boosts immunity. It aids in improving and relieving cardiovascular, cardiopulmonary function, cerebrovascular, hypertension, diabetes, allergic reactions and other diseases.

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This therapeutic process is a safe and gentle process, yet powerful, and sufficed by inhaling just an hour a day for normal therapy of well-being.

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“We are facing the worst situation due to the pandemic and it is our mission to save lives with our cost-effective LifeBox, because every life matters. We are inviting all medical equipment suppliers to join hands to serve humanity,” said Mr Ola Lind, Director of Vida Life Pte Ltd.

The LifeBox is available for the global business market and will be available for the consumer market by November.

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