SharedEasy Releases New Initiatives Amid COVID Crisis To Shed Light On Home And Community

September 02 15:01 2020
SharedEasy Releases New Initiatives Amid COVID Crisis To Shed Light On Home And Community

SharedEasy, a coliving company in New York City with houses in Brooklyn, Long Island City, and Manhattan, began in 2019 with a vision to simplify the difficult, if not impossible, problem of renting in New York City. The coliving company announced today they are expanding their brand and their mission to meet the pervasive needs caused by COVID. They are “doubling down” on their commitment to step in to fill the gap left by rising stressors of unemployment, loss of mobility for travelers, the needs brought about by the increase in remote work as well as the uptick in the mental health crisis. As drivers of change during the sharing economy and as forerunners of organizations shifting to a community-centered society, coliving may be the answer for the shift in how we think about living and working in a big city.

According to a survey of 1,055 people commissioned by the University of Phoenix, over 35.7 million people live alone in the U.S.and more than four in ten Americans said they are lonelier now than ever before as a result of the coronavirus outbreak. The National Association for Behavioral Health says, “This is the greatest crisis to ever hit community health and addiction treatment providers.” Clearly, this goes way behind a physical virus. The consensus is that while we have never been more connected virtually, we have never been more disconnected socially. There must be an alternative to the way we did things before.

SharedEasy coliving is providing an alternative. Given the numbers of people isolated, displaced and in need of a space to shelter in place, SharedEasy realized they had the resources to help. “We have moved beyond just providing affordable prices for modern fully furnished homes in NY to filling the gap and revolutionizing the definition of ‘home’,” says CEO Valentyn Rehbinder. With calls to mental health crisis lines up 60%, unemployment numbers rising every day, displaced students and travelers feeling uncertain about what’s next, and a move to work from home on the rise, it is clear everything must change about the way we work and live.

When the call came for every New Yorker to do their part and realizing they had one solution for the loneliness and isolation people were feeling, SharedEasy immediately put plans in place for upgraded cleaning, extended hours for our teams, 24/7 customer care portals, and changes in length of contracts and cancellation and refund policies. While some coliving companies were closing their doors, SharedEasy felt it was imperative that they keep theirs open. “We understand that now is the time to step up as thought leaders and as leaders in transforming the definition ‘home,” Rehbinder said.

At the onset of the shelter-in-place order, real estate companies were deemed an essential business. The whole industry shifted to online transactions. “Coliving has a special place on the market as an essential business. Today, as never before, there are many people looking for immediate move-ins due to the crisis in finding a place to live, an uptick in domestic violence, closing of student dorms and on campus housing. Many people were unable to return to their home countries. To meet the needs of those displaced and in need, SharedEasy upgraded their website to make virtual tours more accessible and online applications more user friendly. To expedite the process once the application is complete, all homes are move-in ready with fully furnished modern homes stocked with all of the essentials for one all-inclusive price. Wifi and utilities are included in the price. The apartments offer shared and private rooms, ample space for socially distancing and SharedEasy provides sheets, towels, comforters, kitchen essentials and valuable commodities like toilet paper, cleaning supplies, and paper towels. Especially during these challenging times, the team is committed to alleviate the stress however possible.

As to how he sees the future of living and working in the city and the role of coliving in that new order, Rehbinder says, “We see the role we have played in easing some of the stressors and filling a need during this time and now the challenge and our mission will be to continue to bring these ideas and this revolution in how we define “home” to the forefront by continuing to provide spaces that are safe, healthy and supportive and by offering an alternative to the broken system of renting in New York.

Home is a lot of things to different people but in these times, with so many people feeling like the four walls and bricks and mortar that once defined “home” felt more like an urban prison, what we consider “home” changed. Home is knowing your neighbor, it is having a community, it is a comfortable bed and a feeling of belonging, it is a place where your dreams are supported. Coliving is all of these things. SharedEasy is coliving that is dedicated to providing the best in the coliving experience. With homes in Brooklyn, Long Island City, and Manhattan, our homes are more than just beautiful fully furnished homes and amenity packages. SharedEasy is a community, It is knowing your neighbor, it is a feeling of safety and support, it is the host for your best New York experience. It is the office, the social circle, the emotional support team. We are revolutionizing the definition of “home.”

SharedEasy is a coliving company dedicated to simplifying the complicated rental process in New York City. They provide fully furnished apartments with both beautiful private and shared rooms, common spaces, essentially-equipped kitchens, and spacious living spaces for work and play. They provide unlimited access to gyms and coworking spaces around NYC,a like-minded friendly community which sponsors networking and social events to boost community, and weekly cleaning services for one all-inclusive price. The idea is to meet the needs of a digital world with an easy rental process that can all be done online with a quick turnaround time. The idea of coliving was born out of the shared economy which is growing in importance and significance as we move toward a world with an emphasis on community and cooperative living. SharedEasy envisions itself as a thought leader in the intentional living and community-driven lifestyle.

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