Army Veteran Releases Hit Children’s Book on Positive Affirmations and Mantras, Empowers New Generation of Youngsters to Learn, Lead, and Overcome

September 03 02:13 2020

September 2, 2020 – Tosh Cole, a best-selling children’s book author, recently announced the release of her latest work, Maddie’s Scary Exam: Conquer Stress Before the Test, on Amazon. An empowering tale that teaches the concepts of self-love and self-confidence to children of all ages, Cole’s latest book has quickly become an overnight hit, reinforcing key life themes to children around the world. 

Understanding the value of positive affirmations and mantras, Cole is helping children overcome fears and doubts by putting a strong, bold foot forward and listening to their inner voice. Using interactive storytelling, Cole takes readers into the life of Maddie, a young schoolgirl, who is struck and paralyzed with fear about an upcoming exam. Battling feelings are common amongst her age group, Maddie’s mom quickly empowers her with the sacred power of the mind, including positive affirmations and mantras, to find success both academically and personally. 

“The book carries a strong moral message,” remarked Charles, an early reader. “It is incredible what a change of perspective and attitude can do, even for a little girl! Conversation works wonders for the beautiful little girl, but even more wonders for my nephew to whom I gifted the book.”

Through vivid storytelling and illustrations, Cole teaches children by example to embrace similar tools and unlock self-love and self-confidence to tackle any challenges they face. Readers watch as Maddie excels from a period of shyness and passiveness by achieving newfound confidence and motivation, and gain inspiration to do the same.

Trusted by parents, teachers, guardians, educators, and child counselors, Cole’s latest book has been declared a “must add” to book collections for children thanks to its powerful themes and life lesson. Get a copy of Maddie’s Scary Exam: Conquer Stress Before the Test on Amazon to empower a young child in your life today. 

About The Author

An Army Combat Veteran, Tosh Cole was inspired by the works of Napoleon Hill, Theresa Bullard, Les Brown, and Bob Proctor to write books for children that promote self-love, universal laws, and quantum metaphysics, and she is dedicated to spreading love and positivity to stimulate personal enlightenment through storytelling.

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