HostMaria Launches a Forum and Marketplace for Their Members

September 02 22:25 2020

The acclaimed web-hosting service, HostMaria recently announced that will be launching a members-only forum and free marketplace. HostMaria is known for their cheap and still loaded cloud hosting plans. This has allowed the company to garner a growing clientele of over 400 customers worldwide. In regards to the launch of their new forum, HostMaria released a statement which said, “Having a forum has been high on my priority list for a long (time). And today, it gives me great pleasure to share that we have launched the HostMaria community forums…”

Their new forum and marketplace is seen as a further extension of their existing services. It aids members in communicating with one another, and safely conducting deals and transactions. The forum operates on the same password and username that users utilize for their existing HostMaria accounts. This makes signing up on the forum simple – users can even get it done within just a few seconds.

HostMaria has ensured the safety of their users by making it so only existing customers can communicate and set up transactions on the marketplace. Outsiders do not gain access to discussions or advertising. As a result, the service is meant to be a secure and highly premium way for reliable individuals to conduct business and discuss matters with one another.

In addition to this, there are some other regulations that members are expected to abide by. This includes using only English while communicating with others. Additionally, the forums and marketplace will be closely monitored to ensure that nothing illegal or otherwise harmful or dangerous is being conducted.

Besides this however, users have the freedom to advertise or discuss with no fees or payments required. This makes it a highly effective way of unveiling one’s services to potential clients without having to worry about the involved costs.

About HostMaria:

HostMaria is a web-hosting service that provides shared cloud hosting, virtual private servers and dedicated servers for webmasters. They have a total of 400 customers worldwide and have recently expanded their services to include forums and marketplaces for their clients. The forums operate using the same username and password as one’s existing HostMaria account. Designed to be a simple, effective and safe way to communicate with other HostMaria members, the forums are expected to become a massive hub for discussion. In addition to this, HostMaria launched a new marketplace which allows free advertising for all members.  

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