Planning a Wedding Doesn’t Have to Transform Women into Bridezillas: A Wedding Coach Can Help Reduce the Stress

September 04 13:13 2020
Planning a Wedding Doesn't Have to Transform Women into Bridezillas: A Wedding Coach Can Help Reduce the Stress

Maria Cristina Beima

90% of the couples getting married every year choose to plan their dream wedding by themselves.

No wedding planner, coordinator, or stylist. Couples – especially brides – are completely on their own and thrown into the cold water without any professional help. That doesn’t have to be a bad thing and could be the most memorable ride of your life, but nothing in the wedding industry is preparing couples for the mental challenges that will appear during the planning process. From family demands and pressure to not knowing if you do what you actually want, or what is expected of you by others. So how the hell should this 90% find their way to their dream wedding when mental breakdowns, burn-outs, and unnecessary fights seem to be around the corner every minute of the journey?

Brides often carry a great deal of the burden for planning their wedding. The television show ‘Bridezilla’ illustrates just how crazy this load cán make women.  Yes, there are websites, books, and bullet journal planners to guide women to the big day. But these are static and designed to let brides plan a traditional white wedding, without mentioning or guiding the emotional roller coaster that planning a wedding actually is.

Based in the Netherlands but with a large following in the United States and the United Kingdom, Wedding Day Dream Workers’ mission is to help brides and grooms successfully plan and carry out their special day without collapsing and suffocating during this gigantic adventure. ‘Dream Worker’ Maria Cristina Beima works with the bride and coaches her from start to finish so that the wedding day turns out exactly as the bride desired – but without falling apart before getting to the aisle.

Wedding Day Dream Workers’ goal is to work with brides to plan their wedding efficiently with a definitive structure that leads to a stress-free day to remember. Furthermore, the company shows that couples don’t have to spend today’s average of $25,000 to have a fantastic wedding. Maria Cristina enables brides to determine who they are and what their vision is for their wedding. Together, Maria Cristina and the bride plan her dream wedding with calm, confidence, and excitement, but while eliminating all the possible drama and stress.     

Wedding Day Dream Workers uses seven steps to help guide brides through the wedding planning process that Maria Cristina titles ‘From the Mountain to the Staircase’:

M – Mindset

A – Acknowledgement

R – Research

R – Recognition

I – Importance

E – Endurance

D – Determination/Devotion

Her three-phase coaching regime with brides consists of:

1. Establishing a Mindset and Clarity

The focus is on one-to-one coaching, weekly “homework” and unlimited support. Detailed discussions are held on who the bride is and what she really wants in her wedding. Stress triggers are identified, and solutions to offset them are explored. Success hinges on creating an understanding of the environment in which the wedding occurs, and the different personalities that are involved.

2. Prepare Action Plan and Time Schedule

The major factors involved in putting a wedding together are examined, and a completely personalized plan put together. Fully taken into consideration are a bride’s budget, priorities, and timeline.  A “to-do” list is constructed and becomes the guiding force for bringing everything together for the wedding. The goal is to create a life, work and wedding planning balance without having to sacrifice precious couple or family time.

3. Support Group and Extra Training

 Also, part of the planning program is closed group training that includes weekly Q&A sessions and guest training from experts.  

“To shine your brightest light is to be who you truly are.” – Roy T. Bennett

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