Geneva Perry is on a Mission to Help Others Design an Estate Plan to Protect What Matters Most

September 04 21:01 2020
Free Estate Planning Workshops, The 7 Hazards to Your Estate Plan, Expose Overlooked Pitfalls, Explain Legal Documents, Asset Protection, and Answer Probate Questions.

Newport News, VA, USA – September 4, 2020 – Many people probably think of their lives as simple, straightforward and not fussy. They may also consider their finances to be adequate – enough money to pay their bills – but they’re not “rich,” thus the idea of creating an estate plan may seem like taking themselves too seriously.

The problem is that, in the absence of a good plan, unexpected illness or death often leave even the simplest of lives and assets a complicated mess. Who picks up the pieces? The stressed or grieving family. Enter Promise Law and Geneva Perry.

Many people have developed passions over a lifetime. Whether it’s creating a family or community of choice, honing a professional craft, dedicating one’s self to the life of the mind, cultivating a life of faith, or improving the world through service, many have lived in a way that nurtures those ideals, relationships, and organizations. Perry says that “planning is how you give these passions life and honor them for yourself, for others, forever. This is your legacy.”

Perry explains that “at Promise Law – Life happens. Plan on it.™ – and we partner with clients to create a plan to reflect their values and give them peace of mind for when “life happens.” Promise Law continues to offer a full suite of planning, probate and administration, and protection services many have come to know them for and have innovated their service delivery to create a safer experience for all clients, even those who say they’re not tech savvy.

“Ms. Perry was engaged to assist me with estate and trust planning. She was extremely helpful in explaining my options vis-a-vie wills or trusts. I opted for a trust and received excellent documents and answers to all my questions. It was clear that she had listened to me about my needs and concerns throughout our consultation. I look forward to working with Ms. Perry in the future,” says one of her clients.

Visit for more information on how Promise Law can help you to design your estate plan. Sign up for the free virtual estate planning workshops, The 7 Hazards to Your Estate Plan, to learn about overlooked pitfalls, explanations on legal documents, asset protection and questions about probate. (

About Geneva Perry

Geneva Perry served as a circuit court law clerk her first year after law school. In 2007 she began her work in private practice and from the very beginning her interest and expertise has been estate planning and probate and trust administration. “It’s very satisfying helping individuals and families plan for or live through life’s transitions. These are tender issues to be sure, but the appreciation is well worth it – “I’m an attorney who gets hugs from clients!” Perry founded Promise Law in September 2014.

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