Marc Miner Releases New Single ‘Warm Welcome’

September 07 12:22 2020

Vienna, Austria – Marc Miner has a whimsical attitude that belies his experiences. He’s one of the few true American outlaws that is left. He sings Americana and country-rock style, but unfortunately, he is not allowed into the country that captured his heart.

Marc Miner is making a name for himself in the Vienna music scene. Vienna can be likened to the Nashville of Europe. His talent for music cannot be denied. When you look at the official music video for his new hit single “Warm Welcome,” it looks like any other major production by a studio in the States. One of the similar acts to Marc Miner and his band is Hellbound Glory.

While Marc has experimented with rock and grunge when he was growing up in Vienna, he seemed to settle on southern rock when he moved to America. His outlaw-country style has been solidified as he simply fell through the cracks and turned to the dark side of life for a while. Marc is back on his path though thanks to some help from his family and friends.

You see the way that people talk about music nowadays, and it seems they are looking for something to speak to them. This song and the others are meant for the marginalized crowd. As Marc Miner knows, you can easily fall by the wayside in this race called life. He does songs for those that are down and out. He speaks to the people that don’t quite fit in.

You can’t put Marc Miner into a box. He’s just out there doing what he loves and knows. His songs are wholesome and relaxing. You could see yourself in a country bar with a drink jamming out to the song. You could envision couples slow square dancing to it out on the dance floor.

The time and effort that goes into his work shows with the quality of production and sound. He is setting a precedent for the Austrians. It’s a form of alternative country that will not easily be forgotten. It’s more likely to be duplicated by other eager up and comers.

Finding your niche in the music scene is not necessarily easy. Marc Miner is carving out his through a series of calamity, passion, and circumstances. All of the above can be used to forge out great music from the fire. You can get a lot out of the music just by putting it on and listening to the message. The tone is joyful and persistent, making you want to just continue to soldier on with the path you’re headed for.

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