Paul Tawonezwi released new song entitled “Pandemic” With Spontaneous Style Of Interpretation

September 08 02:28 2020
Paul Tawonezwi released new song entitled “Pandemic”

A good artist is a chronicler of his time, an interpreter who translates realities, transforms them, or raises them in clamor, just as Paul T has done in his most recent production with a subject that has radically impacted modern society. “Pandemic” is a lucid and coherent piece in its context, with a powerful message, effectively conducted through an eclectic sound language.

Pandemic by Paul Tawonezwi
Paul T’s musical work is a refreshing nuance within Gospel Pop, with his authentic personality in the way he builds the melodic lines of each of his compositions. In Pandemic, the composer stands out for his spontaneous style of interpretation, with a luminous fluidity that mimics improvisation, and this is a quality that distinguishes him as a singer-songwriter.

Pandemic by Paul Tawonezwi
The cultural baggage that supports Paul T’s career has allowed him to draw a subtle connection between the traditional and the contemporary in this song. A combination of ancient intonationsand sounds with modern urban rhythms, make up a soundscape that invites reflection on the purpose of life. Pandemic is the prayer of Paul T and it is also a universal prayer, where voices from everywhere are represented in the multiracial timbres, rhythms and melodies of this single:


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