Oldest Art Gallery In Sedona, Kuivato Glass Art Gallery, Opens New Location In Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall

September 08 13:10 2020
Oldest Art Gallery In Sedona, Kuivato Glass Art Gallery, Opens New Location In Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall

Scottsdale, AZ – Kuivato Glass Art Gallery is focused on giving the members of the public, especially art lovers and artists, the platform needed to connect with art and showcase their art to interested art lovers. And now, the same art lovers, enthusiasts, and artists who wish to connect with art at the deepest level and have been welcome to come into Kuivato Glass Art Gallery since 1973 can also shop their favorite art pieces from Creative Gateways, a new sister location in Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall in Scottsdale, AZ.

Celebrating a collection of eclectic art and artists from all over the world, Kuivato Glass Art Gallery is growing with the community as they work to address the art needs of Scottsdale, AZ and beyond. Creative Gateways features an expansive collection of glass art and jewelry from the simple to the glamorous, and displays speciality offerings not available at the Kuivato location such as gold and silver bullion. 

One of the oldest art galleries in Sedona, AZ dating as far back as 1973, Kuivato Glass Art Gallery is known for their beautiful glass art, local and global jewelry, and for their ability to ship their beautiful art pieces to their customers, and they’re proud to expand those same high standards of artistry and customer service through a new venue in Creative Gateways.

Describing the fine art Scottsdale, AZ gallery, Brett Labit, the spokesperson for the art gallery said, “Creative Gateways is a unique fine art experience. We have an eclectic offering of art and artists from all over the world. We believe in providing our guests with a diverse range of art mediums to enjoy and a diverse range of artists working with those mediums. Here, you can experience the architecture and landscape of a beautiful village. Looking for luxury or to find the perfect piece of fine art for your home or business? No problem!”

The Scottsdale Art Gallery also offers gift ideas, helping customers to take the logistics and shipping hassles out of the equation and identifying gift ideas for friends and/or family down to the most relevant and relatable items for each consumer from glass art to paintings, to jewelry to even silver and gold!

With the shipping expertly coordinated, consumers now have no worries about the condition of their beautiful glass pieces, whether as a personal acquisition or as a gift. The team at Creative Gateways ensures that all purchases are handled with care and delivered to the customer’s door or wherever they would like for it to be shipped.

The art gallery offers a wide array of glass jewelry options for consumers who are interested in the inspirational work of local and global artists. Kuivato Glass Art Gallery and Creative Gateways are proud to be home to a wide variety of different styles of glass art including blown, torch-worked, and fused glass, all in one place, home to a variety of unique jewelry and a small selection of paintings, ceramics, and bronze from local and global artists.

Kuivato Glass Art Gallery is located at 336 AZ-179, Suite B-125, Sedona, AZ 86336, US. For inquiries, contact their team by calling 928-282-1212 or send an email to [email protected]. For additional information regarding their collection of fine art and to see their new location, Creative Gateways online, visit the company’s website https://creativegateways.com/.

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