North Carolina-Based Online Retailer Aims To Help Promote Safe And Sustainable Products

September 08 17:45 2020
Sustainable home essentials, bedding and decor retailer launches special reusable masks.

In time for fun but safe social distanced fun on Labor Day weekend, Turmerry is offering a range of reusable, copper infused face masks at a special Buy One Get One Free basis. With its focus on sustainability and ethical production of its suppliers, the North Carolina-based online retailer aim to help promote safe and sustainable products for its customers.

The range of masks on featured in the special Labor Day mask offer are made from 100% cotton, antimicrobial silver cotton cloth, and flax linen to offer choice of material to suit all tastes and style preferences. With a range of colors, designs and sizes available, there really is something for everyone.

“With our great range of ethically produced masks, you have all kinds of choices” added a company spokeswoman. “Our range features all shapes and sizes so that all our customers can find something that suits them best, and goes with any outfit!”

“We are determined to help our customers enjoy the Labor Day weekend – but in a safe and healthy way. Our contribution to this is to offer this special Buy One Get One Free offer on all our masks which can help people of all tastes and budgets to enjoy their weekend. Our great range of masks fit comfortably to all face shapes, can be secured in different ways, are extra safe with triple-layered fabric, facilitate natural breathing with our carefully chosen materials, and are able to be cleaned re-used again and again. This is not only good for the environment, but for our customers’ pockets!”.

The range includes packs from single masks to packs of 100, and all colors from the standard medical style through to multicolored rainbow designs, copper effect and 4-layer flax linen options. Some of the range are made from fabric made in the USA, and as an added bonus all orders come with free shipping to the contiguous USA.

Most of the masks are completely reusable and washable for an extremely environmentally friendly choice. The masks also combine a selection of stylish colors and designs with multi-layered cotton fabric that allows for natural breathing and a cooler experience for the wearer. Even details such as head straps or ear loops are offered. This is an important choice since some people find a preference for one of the two options, and comfort is obviously a large part of choosing a the right mask.

There are also copper infused options of masks. Copper acts as a natural additional layer of protection in masks, with its antimicrobial properties that assist with repelling viruses and funguses. Copper’s natural resilience to microbes means it is an even safer and more hygienic option than traditional face masks. Not only that, but any potentially harmful microbes that do land on a copper surface reduce significantly within an hour, and drop to almost zero after 4 hours.

About Turmerry

Turmerry is a North Carolina-based online retailer that sources its products from a carefully selected range of manufacturers. The result is a selection of ethically sourced, chemical free and mostly naturally-made eco-friendly home, leisure, decorative and practical products that suit all ages and tastes, while reducing the carbon footprint from similar alternatives.

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