CDH Resurfacing Solutions Offers Bathroom and Tub Renovations to Maintain Cleanliness

October 20 04:39 2020
This company can chemically weld a new surface on an existing tub, tile, or countertop, making them easier to keep clean for a long time at a fraction of a cost

Having a clean and sanitary bathroom can save homeowners from getting illnesses from germs and bacteria. However, bathroom renovations can be costly, and CDH Resurfacing Solutions understands this concern. The award-winning resurfacing solutions business offers its services to give homeowners a clean and sanitary bathroom for a fraction of replacement time and price.

“We can chemically weld a new surface on your existing tub, tile, or countertop. This process will make it easier to keep clean, extend years to the fixture, and for a fraction of replacement cost. Don’t replace it. Resurface,” said Clint Holmes, the founder of CDH Resurfacing Solutions.

According to CDH, a worn-out tub becomes porous over time, permitting germs and bacteria to cling to its surface. In addition, the surface wears down from age and use, the lead in some tub enamel can seep into the bathwater, which children may inadvertently ingest while bathing.

The company has helped thousands of homeowners to refinish their bathrooms – making the world a cleaner and a brighter place one tub at a time.

CDH Resurfacing Solutions also offers refinishing solutions for countertops, sinks, tile, and pools. They also do bathtub conversions for homeowners with mobility issues.

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About CDH Resurfacing Solutions, LLC

CDH Resurfacing was founded in 2010 by Clint Holmes. The company promises the best resurfacing solutions to enhance and increase the value of homes in America. Their mission is to make the world a cleaner, brighter place… one tub at a time.

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