Irish Fitness Model Takes On The World Virtually

October 20 19:06 2020
The COVID pandemic has created challenges in every area of life and the health and fitness industry is no different. With gyms being closed and restrictions put in place on exercise this is a community that has suffered during this pandemic.
However, we have a story today of a lady who is refusing to let the pandemic get the better of her goals and dreams for 2020. Aoife Roche is an Irish fitness model and has been internationally recognised as a leader in her field over the last couple of years.
She has won the Overall Bikini Model Championship in Ireland on 2 separate occasions and won the Overall Bikini Model Championship title in the UK in 2019 and then going on to place 2nd in America in October 2019.
Her last dance as she calls it is scheduled for the 24th of October and due to take place in London with PureElite which is the biggest fitness model federation in Europe. She says this will be my last fitness show as now my business iBusiness Brands (a marketing and chatbot company) has taken the main priority in my life.
Aoife says I always knew where would be an element of risk in signing up to do this competition as I have had 2 competitions already cancelled this year, the first in the U.K in April the 2nd in America in May so this really is the last shot for me. Things seemed to be going according to plan until the beginning of October when Ireland experienced a second wave in COVID cases,  which has resulted in there being a series of further restrictions moving us into much stricter levels of lockdown.
Travelling outside of your county is against the guidelines and all countries have been removed from the green list so my plans to get to the UK have been severely hampered, I have had 2 sets of flights cancelled, so a decision has to be taken on whether to continue or not.
I thought about quitting one more than one occasion, but I reminded myself that I don’t quit, that adversity builds strength and that I needed to see this through as otherwise I would have to live with the regret for the rest of my life.
I believe I can do this, I believe it possible, so now its just a matter of finding a way to make it happen.
Aoife is not the only athlete to face these issues with the restrictions, so PureElite have decided that they will run a virtual show as well as the live show in the U.K.
In the beginning I had sort of an aversion to the idea of it, as you do all this preparation for this moment on stage only to realise that moment will not materialise in the way that you imagined it. It took me some work to shift my mindset to realise that this was so much more,  than just that moment on stage, that this was a story of me facing adversity and triumphing and once I got into that mindset I knew that I could do it.
The show will go ahead on Saturday, currently I don’t exactly know how its all going to work for me especially if we enter into more restrictions in Ireland, as this would mean the gym venue I had to planned to film in would be closed and the beauty salons would also not be open for my hair make up and tan.
All of these factors could be used as deterrents or excuses not to continue, to QUIT, but I am absolutely determined to see this through, to take it all the way even in the face of the adversity.
I believe this will be one of the first ever virtual fitness shows but as human beings we must learn to adapt and evolve to the changing nature of our environment during this pandemic, who know this may even be the way of world of fitness for 2021.
This is a story of resilience in the face of adversity, as I am not ready to let go of my 2020 Fitness goals yet.
Aoife has here very own online program with over 140 self-recorded workouts loaded as well as the most advanced meal planning software available couple with mindset motivation, you can check out the program on and sign up to here 12 Week Ultimate Transformation program.

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