Best Fitness Trainer in San Jose, CA, Reveals How To Improve Golf Results

October 21 12:12 2020

Of all the sports someone can play, golf is one of the few competitive sports that people can enjoy well into their senior years. The increasing technology of the sport means clubs and balls that are much more forgiving to those who struggle with the game.

Most amateur golfers watch the professionals and believe it is possible to play at their level. While looks can be deceiving, it is possible for a weekend player to strike the ball with regularity and considerable distance with little effort.

The secret lies in the core muscles of the body.

Scott Lamb is a well known fitness trainer in San Jose, CA. He has many golfers coming to his location looking for help with their swings and surprised to learn what Lamb works on to improve.

“Most do not realize but the obliques are key not only in helping turn the torso but the hips. It is the hips where the power and speed of a golf swing originate,” said Lamb.

Lamb uses his skill as a San Jose fitness professional, helping amateur golfers in San Jose achieve the one thing that all golfers want to see – additional distance off the tee. A few lessons with Lamb, and the students quickly see considerable change and growth. The advantages of the exercise also help the rest of the body with weight loss and energy gain increasing nicely.

Scott Lamb is also a pain specialist in San Jose, California and helps many return to their best possible selves. Learn more at his website – go to for details.

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