Mounting A Video Display Screen in a Salesforce Video Wall According to

October 21 17:45 2020
Mounting A Video Display Screen in a Salesforce Video Wall According to

Video wall applications benefit greatly from the addition of LED display screens. As a result, this sector continues to overtake LCDs and projectors. Nevertheless, certain situations call for a projector or LCD screen, and users must know this and choose accordingly.

The Benefits of LEDs

LEDs offer a superior brightness level along with a high contrast level and do so cost-effectively. LCDs often give different color balances, but the use of LEDs eliminates this issue. However, companies must ensure they purchase the right LED display screen. One critical element when determining which model to buy involves determining where they will install the screen. View this article source for more information on LED display screens. 

Ceiling Mount

Many buyers opt to install something like SNA displays on the ceiling as it removes the need for physical space for the units. This application works in both indoor and semi-indoor settings and is ideal for small spaces where a screen might otherwise not be viable. Consider making use of the screens in entryways, venues, passageways, and more. Nevertheless, the weight of the screen means they must use smaller displays in these situations. Never choose a large display screen when planning for a ceiling mount, as the installation cannot bear this weight. 

Wall-Embedded Mount

Certain situations call for a polished look, and a wall-embedded video display doesn’t detract from the overall appearance of the area. With this mounting option, the screen sits flush with the wall or embedded within the wall. It’s appropriate for both indoor and outdoor settings, as long as a steel frame is available to support the weight. Take this into account when designing and planning for the installation.

Wall Mount

In certain areas, a wall mount serves as the best option for your LED display screen. According to, this option remains one of the most popular. However, the owner must obtain a custom-made steel frame bracket to provide support for the panel. 

Pole Mount

Some owners decide on a pole mount, especially when they purchase an advertising board or outdoor LED display. Single or double poles provide the support needed for the display, and these poles require the construction of a large concrete foundation. This foundation allows the display to remain in place for as long as desired. Salesforce stock near buy point as it looks to help Covid fight and this option is one the team recommends for many customers. 

Overhead Screens

Overhead screens or panels require the installation of a standalone steel frame. With the help of this frame, the LED display screen becomes part of the environment. 

Mobile Applications

At times, LED display screens need to be portable. Achieving this goal requires the installation of a display system on a moveable vehicle. Buses, vans, and trucks work best for this purpose and allow the screens to be used as display advertisements or as a backdrop with a reinforcement system. 

LED video display screens offer many benefits. However, consumers must take care to choose the appropriate mounting solution for their screen. Consider the above methods to determine which offers the ideal solution for your needs.

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