See Why 64Hydro Is A Customer Favorite From Published Survey Results

October 23 20:36 2020
See Why 64Hydro Is A Customer Favorite From Published Survey Results
64Hydro Company Limited surveyed 686 customers about their opinions of the company and its products. The results are available in a detailed post by category.

64Hydro Company Limited is pleased to announce the publication of survey responses from a group of 686 customers who spoke about their experience with the line of drinkware products produced by the Hong Kong firm. The results allow readers to see why 64Hydro is a customer favorite for its many products. In addition to this published survey result, the firm carries a 4.4 out of 5-star rating from 5000 reviews on Trustpilot.

Some of the key responses noted in the survey results include how many bottles were purchased and who they were intended for. The buyers liked the packaging and the level of customer service. They were happy with the beautiful appearance and felt that the product lived up to their expectations. The water bottles were deemed to be tough, durable, lightweight, and easy to hold, as well as being convenient to carry around. The bottle design also was highly rated. The majority of customers found the bottle easy to clean. Truly, 64Hydro — created for you and trusted by thousands.

More than half of the buyers decided to purchase more bottles based on their first purchase experience. On average, each customer purchased two bottles or more. 72.3% of the customers bought the item for their use, and the remainder was purchased for gift-giving. 97% of customers described the product package as properly sealed, with no damage to the bottle. Customer service ratings were at 4.2 stars and 92.5%. The bottle’s appearance was rated at 4.7 stars or 93.6%, with the most common description as ‘beautiful.’

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The survey’s additional ratings were: 92.3% of customers satisfied (4.6 stars) with the bottle material. 94.3% of customers were satisfied (4.8 stars) with the bottle weight. 92.5% of customers were satisfied (4.6 stars) with the bottle carriage. 94.3% of buyers were satisfied (4.8 out of 5 stars) with the overall design. Most customers, 90.8% (4.6 stars), found the bottle easy to clean. 

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64Hydro Company Limited was launched in late May 2020 in Hong Kong. The e-commerce firm operates globally with its drinkware line. It is a favorite choice in Australia, Canada, and the United States.

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