Erika Mejia: Roses, elegance, luxury and a sustainable economy

October 23 21:15 2020

The Queen of Roses, Erika Mejía, opens the way to the economy in Colombia and Ecuador.

Commitment, perseverance, high quality and vision are the key characteristics that have led Erika Mejia not only to position herself as the queen of flowers in Miami and many countries, but has also made her deserving of being one of the main businesswomen with international reach in the world of Flowers which generates a strong income in countries such as Colombia and Ecuador.

Erika Mejia, the renowned Honduran based in Miami and that captures the eyes of luxury flowers’ lovers, has achieved the perfect balance between consolidating a perfectly sustainable brand in the United States, generating a constant source of income on several countries, as well as representing her own country with style.

Erika Mejia is known in the city of Miami and in Latin America because of her Lovely Roses brand, a luxury flower company that has captivated artists such as Demi Lovato, Luis Fonsi, Maluma, Camila Cabello, Karol G, Anuel, among others. Making her creditor of the title of queen of roses, one of the premises of Erika Mejía and her company is that the high quality and sustainability of the company are both fundamental, such effort allowing her to generate jobs in countries such as Colombia and Ecuador, empowering the local industry.

Global reach

In the United States, the flower business is on the rise and Erika is leading the way, despite the pandemic and the current economic situation, the lucrative flower business has not stopped, with great ingenuity and overcoming difficulties, she has gradually increased her positioning, finding herself at a very high level, thus becoming a source of new challenges for large brands such as Lovely Roses.

At the beginning of the year, the United States imported around 660 million flowers grown in Colombia, contributing an important figure for Colombian floriculture, with Erika being one of its major contributors. On the other hand, in Ecuador, the limitations have been a little more noticeable due to the current pandemic, however, Erika Mejía continues to contribute to the economy of that country with contributions to flower growers and betting on the Ecuadorian industry.

Roses that save lives

Erika Mejía, the queen of roses continues to forge an established path with Lovely Roses, generating direct and indirect jobs in the United States, Colombia and Ecuador, showing that adversities can often be transformed into opportunities when your mission is to continue providing professionalism and quality products to the world. Erika, with a fresh vision is capable to achieve the consolidation of Lovely Roses as a noticeable sustainable brand that in current times brings joy, happiness and elegance to the superstars and to the entire world.


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