This is Quite Chines, BAMPO’s “Chinese Star” flashes the unique “Chinese tide”

October 24 05:03 2020

From Chinese manufacturing to Chinese brands, behind the rise of the “Chinese tide” is the display of the country’s comprehensive strength and the promotion of China’s cultural confidence, as cultural strength is a more basic, deeper and more lasting force to a nation’s development. Showing national confidence, cultural confidence, market confidence and brand confidence is the driving force behind the upward development of Chinese brands. Behind the tide of the country is also the cultural confidence of young people. The rise and expansion of “Chinese tide” are mainly attributed to the confidence of the national brand, which is strongly enhanced by the rise of the young consumer groups.


Bampo, is the only Chinese brand selected to the world’s largest museum of bags and purses.

Bampo, founded in 1997, is the only Chinese brand selected to the world’s largest museum of bags and purses, having been committed to the interpretation of Oriental culture and art with modern aesthetics and skillsIt has won the “German Red Dot  China Good Design” Honorary Award, Florence Design Week “Creative Design Award”, and become “the British Museum designated creative derivative co-brand”. In 2018, Bampo was selected as the “New State Gift” and in 2009 as the “Cultural Chinese Ceremony” of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of China, so as to let the world know more about Chinese culture and Chinese design, let them see the “Chinese tide”.


As far as fashion consumption is concerned, the “post-80s” and “post-90s” have been the main consumer group. These young people who grew up in the era of reform and opening up, hold the personalized concept of life in a diversified consumption environment, choose their own ways of life, and pay full attention to the life quality. Their demand for personalization and refinement, in turn, has stimulated the improvement of Chinese brands in terms of technological process, aesthetic level and creative ability, which constitutes the strong driving force for the rise of the “national tide”.


Buying national goods, using national goods, showing national goods, has become a new way of daily life of the tide of young people. Bampo, as an original art handbag brand in China, has been taking continuous innovation while adhering to its original road during more than 20 years of development process. Its unique fusion of Chinese culture design style set off a new “Chinese tide”, and its fashion design is in line with the current trend of taste, which is fancied by the customers. Bampo has strongly promoted the “Chinese tide”.


Culture is also a way of life. Any way of life is ultimately reflected in a series of eating and wearing things, which with no doubt is directly related to the production system of the market. With the advent of globalization, China’s economic and production strength and confidence, Bampo shows the Chinese design and creative strength of extraordinary achievements to the world with the power of a private company. Behind Bampo is the prosperity and growth of the entire country’s economy, which reflects the growth of Chinese cultural confidence. This kind of confidence will naturally be transformed into the aesthetic and value basis in consumption. Therefore, the rise of the “Chinese tide”, will be firmly backed up by profound cultural background.

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