Flatbed Trailer Rental – The Versatile Option for Moving Heavy Freight

October 24 22:46 2019

When goods are odd shapes, super heavy and perhaps taller and wider than the normal type of load that fits conveniently into the conventional closed box-type vans, then flatbed trailer rental is the answer to get goods to a destination. It is one of the most called for shipping options simply because it is fairly cost effective and versatile for loading and offloading. Whereas closed vans can only be accessed for loading with a forklift from the rear or maybe one side door a flatbed can be loaded or off loaded from any side or the rear and overhead cranes can also be used for really heavy loads.

When taller goods need to be transported a step-deck drop trailer is often used making it safer as the point of gravity is closer to the ground for offloading with forklifts. They often come with a ramp to the rear for manoeuvring heavy goods off. A familiar sight on roads worldwide is the double drop flatbed with its two layers of new vehicles heading off to showrooms. These double drop trailers come with a removable gooseneck hitch, a versatile option as it enables the cars to be driven on and off the flatbed when ramps drop down. The gooseneck hitch and ramps are also used on the extra heavy-duty trailers for driving heavy industrial and mining machinery on and off.

Flatbed trailer rental companies take the dimensions and weight of the goods to be transported into account and will let the client know what size flatbed they need as they come in sizes ranging from 8 feet all the way up to 53 feet. The company will also calculate the weight of the client’s goods and provide a suitably matched trailer – the heavy-duty ones can handle over 100,000 pounds of weight. The flatbed trailer rental company will then get the trailer to the client’s warehouse or pick up point, load the goods, haul them off to their destination and ensure they are safely offloaded. The company will also attend to the permits required for various cargo loads and materials being transported as some require more paperwork than others. The flatbed trailer rental companies usually assist with cross-border legalities to ensure client loads are not ‘stranded’ at border crossings because the paperwork is not in order.

RoadLINX is a Canadian freight trucking and international shipping company that provides tough all aluminium constructed flatbed models specifically built to handle tough terrain and varying road conditions. A spokesperson for the company mentioned, “It’s not only our trailers that are specifically customized to client needs but the add on services provided assist in getting oversized loads safely to their destination with expert escorts provided by RoadLINX.” The company is also able to complete paperwork and obtain permits for getting flatbed loads between Canada and destinations in the US. Arranging for permits for the various cargo sizes can be quite a headache for individual clients but with the expertise of the agents working at RoadLINX permits are secured ensuring all the legal requirements are in place for a safe stress-free haul.

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