IdealMining is offering profitable Bitcoin cloud mining with the lowest maintenance fees

January 20 16:06 2020
IdealMining is offering profitable Bitcoin cloud mining with the lowest maintenance fees

Idealmining is a leading Bitcoin cloud mining service that offers the lowest maintenance fees in the market. It is made possible by using advanced energy conservation practices and optimization of the mining scripts and hardware. This revolutionary feature has been proven to earn the customers more yield in the long run. At present, the company is mining with some of the most high-end hardware in the market such as Antminers and Bitmain on their own custom-designed GPU machines.

Founded in 2018, Idealmining became an independent private limited liability company dedicated to offering powerful cloud mining services. With its efficient and robust mining infrastructure, the company offers High Mining Yields, higher reliability, and less power usage, ultimately reducing the costs for their end-users. Idealmining is always optimizing their scripts and hardware to achieve the most results for its customers with quicker tasks, faster responses, and more efficiency.

Idealmining is backed by its prompt customer service with trained professionals ready to solve all kinds of customer queries during normal business hours. What makes Idealmining is an effective option for the miners is that it allows them to mine Bitcoin without all the noise and hassle of maintaining the bulky hardware. Moreover, the mining payouts are processed every 24 hours of continuous mining and the maintenance fee is automatically deducted from payouts.

Idealmining believes in maintaining complete transparency with its users and never hides anything from its customers. It uses Two-factor authentication for protecting all sensitive information of the users and eliminating the risks of any third-party attacks. Idealmining features a user-friendly interface making it easier to access for a wider range of users.  In addition, the users can choose from a line of four pools for their mining contract.

Unlike many other mining projects that put a negative impact on the environment, Idealmining runs on renewable energy sources such as wind and geothermal energy. Its facility houses over 50,000 GPU units with four different brands of hardware that run on 100% renewable energy sources. It uses exclusive mining scripts and the SHA-256 mining algorithm to mine Bitcoin.

Idealmining offers an ideal solution for anyone looking forward to mining Bitcoin but without spending a fortune on buying and maintaining hardware that occupies a lot of space.

The interested miners can choose from three 24 month packages offered by Idealmining. The basic one is for $14.97 per 500 GH, and the second one is for $29.94 per 1 TH and the third is for $299.40 per 10 TH. The users also have the option to earn through the company’s affiliate program. To earn commissions, one can refer a customer to start a free Idealmining account and get 2.5GH added to their main contract and when the referral signup purchases a contract, the user will receive an additional 5% of that purchase.

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