Leading entrepreneur Andrew Pabia offering free on-demand sales training

May 04 23:20 2020
Highly successful young entrepreneur Andrew Pabia is hosting free on-demand online webinar to help entrepreneurs achieve fast and consistent success in high ticket phone sales without cold calling.

Fortson, Georgia – May 04, 2020 – Forget cold calling only to end up with futile sales. Good news for entrepreneurs having a hard time selling products or services over phone. Leading entrepreneur Andrew Pabia is offering FREE on-demand training webinar on how to close 2-5 high-ticket phone sales per week without using cold outreach to beg prospects to get on a “discovery call”. The highly successful entrepreneur teaches struggling fellow entrepreneurs to dramatically increase their close rate by using his proven formula of pre-framing the audience.

The free on-demand training webinar is hosted at Andrew Pabia’s website PhoneSalesFast.com.

Andrew has had huge success with high-ticket phone sales in the last two years. Speaking on the inspiration behind the phone sales fast training webinar, he mentioned about frequent requests from multiple entrepreneurs for his guidance on increasing their high-ticket phone sales. Most of them ask about how to get appointments, the most strategic pitch to attract customers and so on. But, over time, Andrew Pabia realized lack of a proper pitch or related stuff are not the major reasons behind their struggles with phone sales.

According to him, 95% of the time inability to pre-frame audience is the chief reason behind struggles to close high-ticket sales over phone. Thus, he decided to offer a training webinar that will teach entrepreneurs about the importance and art of pre-framing their prospects before calling- the same strategy that helped Pabia himself to transcend from closing 1- 2 high-ticket sales per month to closing 2-5 high-ticket sales per week! 

“The secret to closing a good number of high-ticket phone sales per week lies in ‘PRE-FRAMING’ your audience before you make the call. Trying to sell a prospect who has not been pre-framed is only like climbing the steepest mountain in the world. Put simply, you will reach your desired result after long and only after you have spent ALL your energy into one”, explained Andrew Pabia.

Speaking on, he stressed he also had his dry phase with phone sales initially. He realized there was a problem in booking calls through the traditional process of cold calling. The conventional process of cold calling does not emphasize on pre-framing audience which makes it tougher to close deals. Thus, he began deploying the concept of pre-framing the audience before calling and it rewarded him with an immediate spike in sales. His success further inspired him to help fellow entrepreneurs scale up using his time-tested system.

“Pre-framing of audience helps you to influence or shape up your prospect’s thought process about your offering before you even address your topic to him. The benefit of this proven strategy is that it puts the seller in solid control of the sales pitch which keeps the prospect glued to him and finally rewards the seller with closed deals in short time. And my training video will show you how to pre-frame your audience in the smartest of ways so that you can also enjoy a fast spike in your high-ticket phone sales every week.”

The exclusive high-ticket phone sales training webinar will guide members about –

  • The Ultimate Pre-Framing mechanism that will earn them scores of pre-sold appointments who would be ready to buy even before the seller pitches to them
  • Perfect Positioning tactics that will make prospects sought out the seller for help
  • The Ad Snowball Method which echoes Pabia’s EXACT strategy that can turn 1 sale to 1000 sales without sizeable capital
  • FREE exclusive one call close sales script from Pabia

Pabia’s phone sales webinar has received rave reviews from several entrepreneurs in various niches.

“We started in this brand new niche and appointments started being booked and booked and booked”, said Joel who was able to close a whopping $100,000 from phone sales in a new niche after watching Pabia’s training webinar.

“He (Pabia) told me he could get me to $10k by the end of the next week and I ended up hitting that in 4 days!”, Tyler is another excited trainee of the webinar who was able to add $8k in MRR in just 4 days under the guidance of Pabia.

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