Alaa Harazin Demonstrates A Powerful and Precise Dining App For Large Restaurants

October 24 10:00 2020
Alaa Harazin Demonstrates A Powerful and Precise Dining App For Large Restaurants

Alaa Harazin is a reputed payment processing professional in the merchant service industry and known for his innovative solutions. He specializes in providing payment solutions for the restaurant industry and has over 15 years of experience in sales and credit cards processing services.
Alaa Harazin Demonstrates a Dining app designed to allow restaurant managers handle a full house with amazing ease.

Alaa Harazin, the name synonymous with advanced payment processing systems and apps aimed at easing restaurant operations across multiple functions, demonstrating a Dining app. It is a powerful system that allows restaurants to provide a superior dining experience to their customers, even when there is a full house.

The Dining app is a revolutionary concept custom-built for large restaurants that handle a large number of guests regularly, says Alaa Harazin. “It does all the heavy-lifting associated with guest seating and tableside service while allowing you to focus on other vital areas of your business. It can also manage floor plans in a very efficient manner.”

The Dining App is perfect for any large and busy restaurant that has a heavy footfall. It takes the dining experience to another level by creating a custom floor plan for everything from the patio to the bar and beyond. The app specializes in optimizing table management by keeping all the elements of restaurant management process moving smoothly.

According to Harazin, the dining app connects the front and back of the restaurant by ensuring seamless communication between all the departments. It can make handling of orders error-free and also help link the right order to the relevant guests.

The Dining App provides table statuses in real time to allow floor managers to deploy staff appropriately. The app can also accurately anticipate seasonality and provide insights for up to 12 months. Restaurants can make informed decisions about inventory as they can segment reporting on the basis of revenue, items and other factors.

A key feature of the dining app is its ability to streamline payments. The system can split the bills the way guests want it shared without any conditions or limitations. They can make payments using a variety of convenient and contactless options including credit or debit, digital wallets, mobile phones, gift cards and check. The built-in LTE ensures that payments are processed smoothly even when the internet is down.

If the motto of restaurants is to keep customers happy and ensure that they keep coming back to relive the experience, then the Dining App plays a crucial role in making it happen. The app can be used for creating discount offers based on specific time slots. It can even schedule shifts and connect staff members with specific shift timings. It also offers a hassle-free way of managing the contact list of restaurant customers.

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