Telly Moods: Find and stream movies and TV shows based on mood & emotions.

November 20 08:15 2020

Telly Moods is the latest app-based on ML and AI technology, which works to find out a tailored movie or TV shows from streaming channels based on users’ present mood. No more wasting time deciding what to watch when. Telly Moods allows the user to check their mood of the moment and instantly find movies and TV shows that suit the user.

How about a tool that immediately finds you a movie or TV series that your heart desires at the moment? Sounds utopian, right? Telly moods new app is specifically designed to instantly filter out TV shows and movies based on the user’s current mood. Titled “Telly Moods,” the cutting-edge app is backed by advanced Machine Learning technology, which helps gauge user mood and emotions and recommend shows from streaming channels accordingly.

The First-of-its-kind, Telly Moods is a new-age streaming-suggesting service that works to quickly find out what the user would love to watch at the current moment. Put simply, the app relieves users of the hassle of manually filtering through long movies or TV show lists to dig out the most desired content based on how they feel.

The entertainment industry is bustling with a multitude of TV shows and movies. With a sea of streaming contents and channels around, we are often spoilt for choices regarding finding the most desired film or series. Besides, you can be a fan of various genres, but at times, your mood demands a show or a movie from a particular genre only. And it could be too much of a task to manually filter out a movie or show from that specific genre after a long tiring day or when you are in a rush. This is where Telly Moods comes to your help.

“Our app is powered by state-of-the-art machine learning technology that helps it to understand and analyze the emotions and moods of its users, search by search. Once Telly Moods algorithm reads your mood, it will instantly develop the most curated list of contents available in real-time on all online streaming platforms. Backed by smart AI, the app itself will carry out the selection on your part, offer detailed information on recommended series or movie and also provide you streaming links from the streaming platforms.” – David Infanti, founder Telly Moods

Using Telly Moods to find your desired movie or show as per your current mood is as easy as 1-2-3:

  • Log in to your Telly Moods account.
  • Select streaming channel/s where you have subscribed to
  • Select between movie or TV show
  • Now, Telly Moods will gauge your mood by selecting options from a strategic arrangement of pictures, color palette, and an audio clip.
  • Based on the mood readings, through our proprietary mood-matching algorithm, Telly Moods will instantly offer you multiple recommendations of movies or TV shows that will complement your current mood.

The app will provide direct links to the recommended shows or movies from various online streaming channels so that users can watch the show straightaway from the screen.

“Count on Telly Moods better than a good friend who knows you well and is always there to provide you with the exact tailored content that you wish to watch at the moment. It’s just the thing that you have been waiting for to enhance your movie or series watching experience. But such a high-end app demands robust financial backup for development and hence this Kickstarter campaign. Your generous support will enable us to bring Telly Moods to life and make your streaming time better than ever before.” – Marco Callero, founder Telly Moods

To learn more about Telly Moods or be the first to have access, please visit their campaign here:

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