Menina Fortunato creates new postnatal dance program for moms with babies

April 15 21:04 2021
Moms can get back in shape at home dancing with their babies.

Menina Fortunato, the creator of PRENATAL DANCE, has launched a new on demand POSTNATAL DANCE program to help moms get back in shape dancing with their babies without leaving their house.

Menina Fortunato has been teaching dance for 25+ years. She has been a dance judge on the TV show Dance Moms, guest instructor on VHI’s Celebrity Fit Club, appeared on America’s Got Talent, Star Trek: Enterprise and danced with many celebrities including Britney Spears, Beyonce, Earth Wind & Fire.

Menina has danced through 3 pregnancies and after 3 births. She is now 40 years old with 3 kids and successfully got back in shape dancing with her baby at home along with breastfeeding and organic nutrition.

… and yet. Not that long ago, she was feeling frustrated, discouraged and unmotivated after the home birth of her son in 2020.

Postpartum recovery can be tough, especially in 2020-21 with studio closures and little to no social interaction with other new moms.

She knew she wasn’t alone and other moms were feeling the same frustrations, so she created a step-by-step POSTNATAL DANCE program for moms with babies.

Her signature program, the 6 WEEK POSTNATAL DANCE CHALLENGE includes a series of 20-30 minutes dance based workouts 5 days a week (cardio, stretching and toning), a variety of dance styles (hip hop, jazz, heels, swing, country, Bollywood), a nutritional guide with a recipe pack, weekly group coaching calls, an exclusive group of moms for accountability and support.

“I am looking for moms who are ready for a transformation. I will give you the tools for success. As long as you do the work, I will not let you fail” says Fortunato.

In-person classes have been nearly impossible due to the Covid-19 restrictions.

Live online Zoom classes can be challenging with unpredictable baby schedules, so an at home on-demand program is the perfect solution for busy moms.

Visit to learn more about her postnatal dance programs.

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