Meet Nerdish, the self-education app

July 22 03:18 2021

In our ever-changing world, there’s an increasing demand for continuous self-growth and broadening one’s horizons. Nerdish, a brand new iOS app designed to promote life-long learning, helps you do precisely that: learn something new every day and do it effortlessly. 

Nerdish offers its users a weekly supply of articles about exciting things of past and present, be it arts, science, or technology. The articles — or topics, as they’re called in the app — are designed to give readers a systemic and fluent understanding of rather complex phenomena like social structures, biological processes, or artistic concepts in 15 to 20 minutes. The topics are interlinked to provide an even more comprehensive learning experience and are thoroughly fact-checked by the Nerdish editorial team. 

There are three modes of use that Nerdish offers for now. The users who install the app but hesitate to create a profile can access the archive of free topics and have a sneak peek into the first chapters of paid content. 

Creating a profile with Nerdish offers more benefits: registered users can compile a collection of favorites, see their reading stats, get notified about new content in the app, and save topics for offline reading. Still, only the free articles are available in full. 

And, finally, for $4,99 a month, subscribers get access to the entire library of articles that throw light on dozens of things like how people age, why they like certain types of food, where the idea of drinking coffee comes from, or how modern democracies work. For those who hesitate to indulge themselves in a paid subscription, Nerdish offers a 14-day trial period with all the features available to paid members. 

“In our daily lives, we often find ourselves in situations when we need to understand a joke or a cultural reference to keep a conversation up. Kids are a challenge, too: they expect adults to be able to answer myriad questions at once. Yet, one can only aspire to know everything. And that’s why we started Nerdish in the first place: we want people to learn new things spontaneously and effortlessly, stay open-minded and creative,” says Nerdish founder Yulia Kurkina. 

The app definitely lives up to its creators’ expectations: the articles are condensed knowledge, though not mere collections of facts — rather, they embark readers on a mental journey and guide them through the intricacies and wonders of the world. 

Nerdish has recently won membership in Technopol, an Estonian start-up acceleration program. The Android version of the app is scheduled to arrive in 2022. 

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