Only $1 A Month For Unlimited Music Distribution For Independent Artists & Labels

October 24 19:04 2022
Platinum Records Distro Is Allowing Musicians To Distribute Their Music To All Major Music Platforms For A Very Small Monthly Fee

Platinum Records Distro is a new way to get your music heard!

With Platinum Records Distro, you will start earning royalties from the very first stream.

We’re excited to announce Platinum Records Distro!

Platinum Records Distro is an all-in-one music marketing and distribution company that can help you get your music out there and make sure it reaches the ears of your target audience. They not only offer you the tools and resources you need to become an artist, they also provide all the support and assistance you’ll need to get your music in front of fans.

Platinum Records Distro specialize in helping emerging artists find their voice and connect with fans and we also specialize in helping established artists build a career. Their team has seen it all, from teenagers who are just starting out with a new band to veterans who have been at it for years. They know how to connect people, build relationships, and find ways for all their clients’ ideas to reach as many people as possible—and then make sure those ideas get heard by those who matter most.

JAMES says – “Platinum Records Distro is the best thing since hot cornbread. I love the fact that they offer music promotion & marketing to help independent artists grow their careers. Using them helped increased my fan base and music streams.”

Platinum Records Distro offers radio airplay, music promotion, marketing, playlist pitching, publishing, and unlimited music distribution. We offer an excellent opportunity for independent artists and labels to get their music heard by the world.

Platinum Records Distro is the fastest-growing music distribution service in the world. They have been able to grow so quickly because they offer the lowest price for music distribution, high-quality promotional services, and amazing 24/7 customer support. 

For only $1 per month, Platinum Records Distro offers an all-inclusive service that includes unlimited distribution of your music to all major digital stores and streaming services. 

Platinum Records Distro is one of the few companies that offer digital music didtribution at such a low price point. This service offers many benefits for musicians who are looking to distribute their music and get exposure. There are no hidden costs or contracts when using Platinum Records Distro to release your music. 

They are an excellent option for independent artists who want to release their music globally without having to worry about costs or Long-term contracts.

The company was launched to empower artists by providing them with all the tools they need to release and promote their music worldwide. The company offers promotional services such as social media marketing, YouTube promotion, radio promotion campaigns, etc.

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