The Global Leader in Algorithmic Trading, OpixTech

October 24 19:20 2022

OpixTech is a leading global financial technology company that provides liquidity to the global equity, foreign exchange and commodity markets through algorithmic trading. Headquartered in Seychelles, OpixTech consists of 161 employees, most of them technicians, who are not involved in any human decisions in the trading process. The company uses algorithmic trading Opix Algo to earn from the difference in market prices. Of course, the company’s trading analysis team and risk control team monitor the operation of the algorithm.

OpixTech founded in 2017, and is a leading fintech company and market maker in algorithmic trading and a renowned global provider of liquidity to non-bank financial institutions. It manages retail and high net worth individuals, family offices, corporate and institutional clients. Today, the company relies on algorithmic trading to make many of its clients the top 100 global liquidity providers.

Fintech has changed human’s trading habits and OpixTech is keenly aware of this as the firm introduced algorithmic trading services starting in 2019 and focuses on quantitative research, artificial intelligence, automated learning algorithmic trading and more. OpixTech uses algorithms to navigate the financial markets and achieve solid portfolio growth for its clients.

Their mission is to be the world’s leading financial technology company, focused on developing advanced trading algorithms. Since 2017, OpixTech has worked with over 60 financial institutions, including investment banks, brokers, ECNs, and family offices. They have a highly qualified team to solve the most advanced problems.

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