The Quietest Fully Automatic Food Waste Composter, Ecop, Is Currently Raising Funding On Kickstarter

October 25 00:00 2022

The eco-friendly and silent composter wants to help people reduce their carbon footprints.

Ecop, a newly launched product, aims to become the quietest, fully automatic food waste composter that transforms food scraps and kitchen waste into ready-to-use and completely organic compost for backyards, gardens, and outdoor or indoor plants.

The equipment is great for the environment and helps people save on their garden and backyard maintenance costs. Ecop is perfect for residential and commercial kitchens that want to dispose of food waste ethically. It’s easy to use, compact and compactable, and takes up little room. It’s also designed to be lightweight and easy to move. It’s also incredibly silent, so people don’t have to worry about noise pollution.

It’s made of high-quality materials that are recyclable themselves. Ecop also uses less energy than other models, so you’ll save money on bills too. The device comes from PORE Inc, which has produced innovative smart food waste solutions since 2002.  The automatic food waste composter is designed to reduce human effort so that people don’t lose their motivation after a few days and can develop these good habits.

The fully automatic machine works by separating the different types of food waste from the rest of what goes into the bin so that you can compost them properly and get rid of them safely through recycling processes. The self-cleaning food waste composter is good for the environment and offers waste volume reduction and silent operation. It’s also energy efficient, has the double capacity, and is odor free.

Ecop saves you money on electricity bills by recycling your food waste, which reduces the amount of garbage going to landfills. It also reduces water consumption by recycling water from your kitchen sink and draining it away. Ecop will save you money on garbage collection fees by recycling your food waste instead of sending it to the landfill.

It has a 1.5kg weight threshold which helps prevent bacteria growth and unpleasant smells. When the 1.5kg limit is reached, the composting process begins automatically. This is thanks to ecop’s AI automation system, which starts independently without requiring complicated settings. The ecop maintains a noise level of 25db, which helps people continue their day-to-day activities without being affected by any sound.

A spokesperson said, “People can use the device to meet their composting needs all year round. Say goodbye to chemical fertilizers. Our company is proud that many people are backing us on Kickstarter, and we hope to repay their trust by providing a high-quality product.”

People interested in backing and helping them meet their $ 10,000 goal can head to their page using the link below.

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Ecop, a newly launched product, aims to become the quietest fully automatic food waste composter currently raising money on Kickstarter to fund the project.

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