Introducing Eternal, an All-in-One Mobile and Web-Based Application that Offers Innovative Wellness Solutions, Meditations, and Resources for General Wellbeing

October 26 14:34 2022
The Eternal application lets users to meditate, sleep, focus, and perform other wellness activities with ease

Achieving essential feelings of wellbeing and wellness is a crucial part in enabling people to successfully overcome difficulties and reach their life goals. Some hindrances to general well being includes work stress, physical and emotional trauma, past experiences, negative attitudes, and much more. Without significant levels of wellness, people tend to become counterproductive, ruining their lives, and failing to become the best version of themselves. Therefore, holistic measures must be taken to facilitate the achievement of relaxation, wellness, and general wellbeing in people.

On this note, Destiny Group has created Eternal, a web-based and mobile-based application that caters to the wellness, meditation, and wellbeing needs of people. The app makes it easy for users to sleep, focus, move, and meditate as part of its activities in achieving general wellbeing. Eternal is loaded with hundreds of meditations, sleep stories, workout classes and music to get users ready to sleep, rewind, workout, or meditate.

“Transform your mental, sleep, and life with Eternal, the all-in-one app for everything wellness and mindfulness,” said Malte Prüser, the CEO of Eternal. “Our app comes with an endless library of meditations and resources for overall wellbeing, all taught and composed by the world’s best coaches and therapists. No matter what problems you may be dealing with right now, you can overcome them by discovering the power within yourself and taking control of your life. This is what Eternal helps you to achieve.”

The Eternal app is perfect for all groups of people from beginners to experts and anyone in-between. It has guided meditations of all lengths and can be customized to meet a user’s schedule and needs. Eternal has recorded great reviews since it was launched, earning a 4.8 star rating and over 10,000+ users. It is undoubtedly a revolutionary app for people who want to live a happier and healthier life.

Eternal is available for iOS users and as a web-based application. For iOS users, visit the Apple App Store to download or access on the web via

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