Ryan Harden Offers Customized Fitness Plans for Clients Through His Brands, Harden Performance and Harden Essentials

January 10 11:54 2023
Ryan Harden Offers Customized Fitness Plans for Clients Through His Brands, Harden Performance and Harden Essentials

The fitness industry is becoming more competitive over time. To help more people achieve their fitness goals, many fitness experts and coaches are offering services and workout sessions that can be done from the comfort of their clients’ homes. Among those who stand out from the rest is premier fitness expert Ryan Harden, founder of Harden Performance. 

Harden Performance is a leading fitness program based in Manhattan, New York, specializing in online and personal training to help people feel strong and confident and become better versions of themselves. Ryan believes that the overall experience of his clients has contributed to his brand’s positive and genuine image, which has brought in several fitness enthusiasts over time.

What makes the fitness program stand out is how it tailor-fits programs based on a client’s lifestyle. It does not matter if someone has kids, works a nine-to-five job, or runs a business. Harden Performance ensures that programs help people gain the results they want to see. As a result, the brand has become a go-to resource for top-notch private personal training with bodybuilding, weight loss, and muscle and strength development programs for people from all walks of life. 

Through the years, Ryan has worked with patients who struggled with mental illnesses, a segment in his clientele that he now considers pivotal to his company’s mission. Ryan has also branched out and developed another fitness brand called “Hardened Essentials,” which aims to provide a solution to help people deal with stress. The visionary expects this to grow and expand into multiple product lines that address anxiety and other health-related concerns in the coming years. 

In an interview, Ryan recalled the advice he always gives his clients, “Take the wheel of your life. Take action if you want something to be done and a different outcome than what you have received. You need to be open to trying something new.”

As a NASM-certified personal trainer, Ryan aims to empower people through mind, body, and spiritual transformation. He works one-on-one with his committed clients, teaching HIIT courses and creating training programs that help deliver results for all his community members. In his off-time, he also works as a fitness model for Wilhelmina Modeling Agency, a hobby that has become another great avenue to network and inspire others.

Ryan grew up in Danville, Illinois, raised alongside his four siblings by a single mother. Yet, despite the hardships, he discovered his true love — fitness. His journey in fitness training began when he was a senior high school student working shifts at a local nutrition store and a community gym. Throughout his adolescence, Ryan juggled his commitment to fitness with other extracurricular activities like theater, football, and show choir. 

Before beginning his fitness career, he worked at an inpatient mental health hospital while attending the University of Kentucky. Despite his humble beginnings, his commitment and drive helped him push through his challenges. He eventually moved to New York and worked towards a fitness coaching certification.

In the next few years, as he continues building his brands to help people develop good lifestyles and fitness choices, Ryan hopes the Harden brand becomes a tool for people to live extraordinary lives by making noticeable changes.

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