Discover How This Young Man Turned His Hardship Into Happiness

January 11 23:06 2023

Drew had always dreamt of becoming a professional footballer. After graduating high school, he felt lost and questioned if that was what he truly wanted to do.

He decided to step back and take some time to re-evaluate his life and his goals. Initially, it was terrifying – football had been his identity, and without it, he didn’t know who he was. After taking some time to reflect, Drew realized that while he loved the sport, it wasn’t necessarily where he saw himself in the future.

He devoted himself to personal training, sports performance and nutrition instead. This allowed him to help others unlock their potential and reach their goals – something Drew found incredibly rewarding. However, after five years in this career path Drew felt like he could do more; that he could have a greater impact on people’s lives.

At 22 years old an opportunity presented itself: a football academy in Spain offered him a place and his brother asked him to help with his business for a few months before he left for Spain. Without knowing what the future held for him, Drew accepted both offers.

Then tragedy struck; Drew’s brother passed away suddenly, sending him into a spiral of depression, anxiety and anger. The gym became his therapy as well as seeking guidance from a shaman who taught Drew about the power of the mind when it comes to true healing.

He started to understand that no one defining moment exists but rather we can choose how each moment is defined by our decisions and actions; this gave Drew the strength to keep going even when all hope seemed lost.

It has been almost three years since then; during which time Drew has experienced tremendous growth by facing adversity head-on, rather than avoiding it or running away from it, like many are tempted to do.

He learned that we all need help sometimes even though we each have our own unique journeys through life – tools are acquired by embracing adversity and paying attention to the lessons life is teaching us along the way.

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