New Year Sale… OUPES Brings High-Quality Solar Generators

January 16 12:20 2023

There is a bitter winter in January, but there is also a warm New Year. January snowstorms can bring blackouts or blackouts, but you can use a solar generator to keep your power going.

See, there is a bright side to everything. OUPES hopes to become the “torch” that lights up people’s New Year and brings more warmth and happiness to everyone.

New Year Sale: Up To 40% Off Discount You Might Get

In the coming New Year, you can go to OUPES to get portable solar stations at a lower price. You can even buy a solar generator with the panels you want at a discount of up to 35%. For example, Solar Power Station 1200W With 2*100W Panels only sells for $945, which is 544.99$ cheaper than before!

  • Cheaper price:

You can get even more savings with discount codes!

  • New Year interactive activities:

You can get free power gifts by shooting videos and writing posts!

OUPES Portable Solar Power Station Is Perfect For Your Camping Power Supply:

If you choose the portable solar generator of OUPES, what can you get? Take the OUPES 2400W portable solar power station that is currently on New Year promotion as an example. It is your perfect camping power supply.

Provides long-term power supply: 2232Wh stable power supply

UPES portable solar power station can provide a long-term power supply. It has a 2232Wh of stable power supply, which can meet your needs for many days or even weeks. Moreover, it is easy to transport and store. You can take it with you when you go camping or traveling.

On a full charge, you can power your 150W refrigerator for 15-28 hours. Charge your iPhone 12 190 times. Let you enjoy the convenience of being at home even in the campground.

Short solar recharge time: 3-3.5 hours

Under the charging of the four latest monocrystalline silicon solar panels, you only need to wait 3-3.5 hours to get a fully charged state. That means you don’t have to wait half a day to use it again.

Automotive-grade aluminum alloy frame: resistant to high-strength impacts

The use of high-strength automotive aluminum alloy is not only very durable but also has good heat dissipation capacity. It can effectively improve the performance of solar panels and ensure that they are at an optimal temperature while charging.

This is a very useful feature in the wild. It doesn’t become unusable just because it falls to the ground.

OUPES Solar Generator Is A Must In Your Survival Kit List:

In addition, it can also be a good helper on your survival kit list. We can prepare a reserved battery at home for emergencies. The solar generator is a good choice.

In the wild or in areas after a typhoon, it may be difficult for the power supply to return to normal soon. A solar generator is a good backup battery. Because it is a powerful tool that can be charged using the sun, it is very reliable.

Final Word:

If you want to make your life more resilient to the unexpected, use tools wisely. A portable solar power station that can provide strong energy support is a good choice. Because it will help you become more “powerful”!

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