Biograph Technologies Inc., a premier audio-based platform for sharing stories releases innovative storytelling app

January 16 15:46 2023

Biograph Technologies Inc., a premier audio-based platform for sharing stories, anecdotes, and experience, releases innovative storytelling app, Biograph, which is now available on the App Store.

While old social media platforms are designed to capture your attention for advertisers, Biograph is designed for you.

Biograph was co-founded by brothers Aaron and AJ Greenberg. They have published and authored several books including “Recorded Time: How to Write the Future.” This unique mobile software allows users to control who can see their stories and offers a more privacy-focused alternative to traditional social media platforms.

Biograph is a software that was designed to revolutionize the way stories are shared and experienced. With Biograph, you can turn your voice into your story and make memories a superpower. Build a collection of searchable stories with exact control over who sees your stuff. Connect with friends and enjoy your story as it unfolds over time. Send amazing voice-activated postcards. Mint and sell your stories on blockchain. Create shared books. Join the revolution in storytelling, millennia in the making. Biograph is your tool—wield it as you wish.

At its core, you can snap photos and narrate stories with friends. AI-supported speech-to-text activates the magic of language and makes all your memories easily searchable. By default, everything you create on Biograph is only visible to you. You can invite friends, family, and co-authors to listen and add their own voices.

“Everyone has a story to tell, and you have the right and responsibility to tell it in your own voice, on your own terms,” says Aaron Greenberg. ”Telling your story is a service to yourself and others, not narcissism or vanity but altruism and humanity.”

While writing books with exceptional people, the Greenberg brothers found one thing they all have in common: they don’t wait until old age to tell their story. They created storied businesses and works of art precisely because they were telling their stories all along. Yet elite bookmaking is costly, and the Greenbergs wanted to make it accessible to everyone. Well, now the playing field is level. This app provides folks with as many storytelling resources as a Shakespearean PhD or a billionaire.

“As Biograph continues to innovate the future of storytelling, we harness AI and automation not to replace, but to elevate and celebrate human creativity,” AJ Greenberg explains. “Biograph represents a declaration of independence from ghostwriters, advertisers, and toxic social media that pretend to tell your story.”

Biograph tackles the pain points in traditional storytelling and bookmaking, such as the difficulty of generating content for non-writers, the limitations of formal interviews, and the cost and time involved in creating a book. By providing tools for collaborative dialogue and organization, Biograph makes it easy for anyone to share their story, whether it’s a personal anecdote or a full-length book. Additionally, people can send physical cards to friends and family for birthdays, holidays, weddings, graduations, and other milestones.

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