Recently-released fantasy adventure novel, Aurumia, is a must-read in 2023

January 26 05:46 2023

Author and historian Robert Millon recently released his fantasy adventure novel, Aurumia, that is bound to captivate its readers with its action-packed storyline. While it is in the fantasy genre, Millon has done a brilliant job by infusing a touch of realism having written it as social satire in the same vein as Gulliver’s Travels.

Book cover of Aurumia

Set in the Amazon jungle, three Americans discover a lost modern civilization. As they journey through the jungle, the adventures they face are a satirical take on modern capitalist America. Some of the flaws of capitalism such as corporate greed, social and economic inequity, political corruption and a dysfunctional health care system are some of the issues covered.

As a historian and someone who feels strongly about social justice, Millon was inspired to write Aurumia due to his desire to see change in society through using satire as a means of discussion. Any readers of teenage age and older can relate to this book, or at least parts of it, as most people in modern society will have interaction with capitalism and experience issues such as unemployment, a profit-prioritizing health care industry, and more.

In the author’s own words, “We must strive for a society that is truly democratic, not a society that makes a few people phenomenally wealthy while the rest struggle.” 

Aurumia is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Robert Millon is an author and historian who has published both fiction and non fiction works. As a historian his primary interest is in Latin American history. Robert Millon was born in New Jersey but raised in the southwest. He has always been passionate about social justice.

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