Steven Mayer Shares his Success Story and Launches Ecom-Genie, an Amazon & Walmart Consulting Company

May 09 14:57 2023

Steven Mayer, the CEO of Ecom-Genie, a company based in Calgary, Canada, is determined to help others achieve financial independence through Amazon and Walmart selling. Despite facing numerous challenges throughout his journey to success, Steven persevered and overcame them, ultimately leading him to where he is today.

Steven’s interest in entrepreneurship began when he came across a real estate investing ad in a local newspaper, which led him to start his first business. Though his initial venture was unsuccessful, he didn’t give up and took a sales job to learn how to sell and accumulate capital for his next business.

After discovering a friend’s success selling on Amazon, Steven decided to start his own Amazon FBA business. Though it was a difficult start, his persistence paid off, and he invested his last bit of savings from his sales job into his growing Amazon business. Eventually, Steven became financially independent and began teaching others how to achieve the same level of success. He went on to launch an Amazon Automation consulting company, which grew to over 1500 clients in under 3 years, generating over 1 billion in sales for its clients.

Unfortunately, the company suffered a major setback when one of its account managers stole millions of dollars without providing any services. This led to Steven facing numerous lawsuits and negative feedback from clients and the general public. In order to avoid a similar incident in the future, Steven took action and engaged a new company to oversee his stores.

This exclusive partnership provided him with confidence that his clients’ businesses would be well-managed and prioritized for success. Prior to entering into this exclusive partnership, Steven conducted extensive research on the new company. He confirmed that they had a successful track record of providing exceptional services and possessed the required expertise to manage his stores. Additionally, Steven ensured that the new company shared his values, including a dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction. After spending two years working with 600 clients behind the scenes, Steven has built a new company, Ecom-Genie, that leverages the experience, knowledge, and lessons learned from his past company. Steven is confident in his team and process and is ready to help others succeed in e-commerce. Ecom-Genie operates with the highest level of professionalism and transparency, and Steven firmly believes that everyone deserves a second chance.

In conclusion, Steven’s journey to success is a testament to his resilience and determination. He has faced numerous challenges but has learned from them and created a company that embodies his commitment to excellence. With his extensive industry expertise and a team of talented professionals, Steven is confident that Ecom-Genie will continue to deliver exceptional service to its clients.

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