Ascend Roofing & Exteriors Announces the Signs Indicating Time for Roof Replacement

May 13 07:12 2023
Ascend Roofing & Exteriors Announces the Signs Indicating Time for Roof Replacement
In the latest public service announcement, Ascend Roofing & Exteriors disclosed some of the critical signs indicating it’s time for a roof replacement.

Ascend Roofing & Exteriors, a respected roofing and exterior works contractor based in Port Charlotte, FL, recently highlighted some critical signs indicating a house needs a roof replacement. The roofing Port Charlotte company mentioned that it chose to share this information as a public service to homeowners worrying about changing their roofs.

Ascend Roofing & Exteriors said that one of the signs indicating that a roof needs replacement is the presence of damage in the attic or upstairs. The roofing experts explained that a damaged roof would allow water into a building, resulting in damaged attics and upstairs. In addition, the roofing contractor Port Charlotte stated that a roof requires replacement because it has outlived its design span, often ten to fifty years, depending on the type of roofing material used. 

Ascend Roofing & Exteriors also indicated that the presence of mold, moss, or fungi on the roof is another sign that signifies it is time for roof replacement. The company explained that a bad roof traps moisture leading to the growth of mold, moss, and other fungi. Finally, the roofer contractor Port Charlotte mentioned that buckling and curling roofs are another sign necessitating roof replacement. The roofers elaborated that a buckling roof is a roof that has failed in structure and is harmful to the occupants of a house. 

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Ascend Roofing & Exteriors is a renowned veteran-owned roofing contractor located in Port Charlotte, FL. The company takes pride in having qualified roofing experts and handles roof repairs, installation, replacement, and inspection, among other services. Residents of Port Charlotte can always count on Ascend Roofing & Exteriors for quality and unmatched roofing services.

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