Farah Alam Mirza’s Practical And Informative Way To Help Children Adapt Healthier Habits

May 16 11:33 2023
Farah Alam Mirza’s Practical And Informative Way To Help Children Adapt Healthier Habits

Teaching children hygiene habits can be a little challenging. They ask multiple questions and may often become stubborn when it comes to washing hands or keeping themselves clean throughout the day. Since children are at a higher risk of getting sick due to their developing immune systems, it is important for parents to give them values that can keep them clean and healthy while they get to enjoy their days out playing and at home.

The health promotion book series by Dr. Farah Alam Mirza is a practical and fun way to inculcate values of healthy living in children. All the books in this series have colourful illustrations to help retain the child’s attention during the topic’s discussion. They are an excellent choice for any parent who want to help their child stay healthy and prevent them from catching minor illnesses, which can weaken their immune system and force them to skip out on daily fun.

Achoo! Catch it! Bin it! Kill it!, Ouch, I Need a Plaster!, Wash Your Hands, An Itchy Round Rash, 5-a-Day, Every Day, and Worms Away! are all part of the health promotion series. Each of these takes minor health problems and discusses them in the simplest way. A child will be able to understand what actions they need to perform and how hygiene precautions are necessary for them.

About The Author

Dr Farah Alam-Mirza is a General Practitioner with a keen interest in women’s and children’s health. She has been able to carefully curate information that is easy for children to understand and follow in their daily routines. Dr Alam has also written and published multiple other series, which help children make better choices and live well in the modern world.

This informational health promotion series is available on Amazon and is now up for purchase. Get your copies and help your children live cleaner and healthier lives.

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