Novae Stone Investment Releases Case Study Involving Single Mom’s Transition from Hangzhou to Canada

May 16 23:24 2023
Novae Stone offered assistance in successful immigration, career, and more to ensure a smooth transition

The team at Novae Stone Investment has released a case study involving the successful international transition of one of their recent clients.

The client, whose last name is Yan, announced her intent to transition from Hangzhou, Zhejang, to Canada. This move was being carried out in conjunction with one of her friends. Each of the women also had a daughter who would be making the transition. The four were interested primarily in opportunities to work and study abroad and had experienced little success in European countries. Desiring a favorable outcome, the four decided on Canada.

Novae Stone Investment helped Yan secure employment in the clothing design industry, which led to Yan and her daughter receiving PR cards eleven months later. Novae Stone also provided immigration guidance, local career networking, and assistance with the IELTS test. This allowed for a more successful transition into living and working in Canada. Now, Yan and her daughter have relocated to Vancouver and have purchased seaside property. Yan’s daughter attends a local private school.

Novae Stone has a panel of experts in various areas such as these. The company’s philosophy is to put the client first, and this mission has led to immense success for bot Novae Stone and its international clients. The company specifically focuses in financial planning, investment consulting, and asset management, but its team of experts provides insight into the specific needs of its clients with tailored strategies. These strategies include investments such as real estate and more to fit the needs and objectives of clients, such as in the case of Yan and her daughter.

Having a professional investment company is crucial for the successful growth of a portfolio, no matter the scale of long-term and short-term goals. Novae Stone is committed to helping clients grow wealth safely with diversified strategies, even in international markets. More information can be found at

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