Electric, Wood-Fired, or Gas-Powered: The Sauna Heater Will Provide The Best Choices

May 24 23:42 2023
In the realm of sauna heaters, two Finnish friends with extensive sauna backgrounds have ventured into the US market to establish a store solely dedicated to providing the highest quality sauna heaters available. Their exclusive focus on sauna heaters ensures that customers receive the most up-to-date service and information in this specialized field.

The company’s founders have Finnish background and have visited Harvia’s factory in Finland several times. As a result, they have direct experience and specialized knowledge in the field of sauna heaters.

When it comes to sauna heating options, there are three main types available on the market today: electric, wood-fired, and gas-powered heaters. Among these options, electric sauna heaters reign supreme in terms of convenience and popularity. Their ease of use and minimal maintenance requirements make them the preferred choice for both commercial and private saunas. 

In fact, the majority of commercial sauna rooms and private saunas are powered by electric heaters. With the latest technological advancements, many electric sauna heaters now offer add-ons that allow users to control them remotely through smartphone apps.

On the other hand, wood-fired sauna heaters find their niche in outdoor saunas. Connecting these heaters to a property’s chimney system can often pose challenges, making them less suitable for indoor use. However, a wood-fired sauna heater is an ideal choice for anyone who craves the authentic experience and the delightful aroma of burning wood. It’s important to note that wood-fired heaters require more time to heat up compared to electric heaters, and the availability of wood is a prerequisite for sauna sessions. A wood-fired option might be worth considering for an occasional sauna user rather than a daily enthusiast.

Lastly, The Sauna Heater also has a gas-powered sauna heater, which is the least popular among the three options. These heaters are fueled by either natural gas or propane, providing a cost-efficient energy source. Installing a gas-powered sauna heater may be a complex process involving gas line connections and adequate ventilation. It’s worth mentioning that gas-powered heaters can be challenging, although a few brands like Harvia and Scandia offer them.

Whether prioritizing convenience and efficiency or seeking the authentic ambiance created by wood-fired heaters, understanding the nuances of each sauna heating option is essential. With this knowledge, clients will be empowered to make an informed decision and select the sauna heater that best suits their needs, ensuring countless rejuvenating and invigorating sauna experiences in the comfort of their own homes or commercial establishment.

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