i-believe.org Transforms into GBRI Foundation while GBRI Continues to Drive Sustainable Education Worldwide

May 24 23:24 2023

i-believe.org, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, is excited to announce its transformation into GBRI Foundation. This rebranding marks a significant milestone in the organization’s journey towards empowering sustainable communities worldwide.

Alongside this development, GBRI, a separate entity, continues to operate as a global sustainability education platform, offering affordable and accessible courses in sustainability, green building, and climate change education. 

GBRI Foundation, formerly known as i-believe.org, remains steadfast in its mission to create sustainable communities through education, training, and empowerment. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, GBRI Foundation aims to create positive social impact by working with communities to provide educational scholarships, engage in charitable projects, and offer workforce training, particularly in the United States, Malawi, and India.

GBRI, on the other hand, is a for-profit online sustainability and social impact education platform. It has gained recognition as a global leader in providing affordable and accessible sustainability education. GBRI focuses on gamified learning and offers over 400 courses in sustainability, climate change, green buildings, LEED, WELL, and project controls. With a network of over 200 subject matter experts, GBRI is committed to delivering high-quality sustainability education worldwide.

Both GBRI Foundation and GBRI were founded by Jeslin Varghese, an advocate for sustainable education and social impact. The distinction between the two entities allows each organization to pursue its respective goals while collectively contributing to the sustainability movement.

“I am thrilled to witness the transformation of i-believe.org into GBRI Foundation, amplifying our efforts to empower sustainable communities,” said Jeslin Varghese, Founder of GBRI Foundation. “GBRI, our for-profit arm, will continue its mission of providing accessible sustainability education and resources. Together, GBRI Foundation and GBRI aim to make a lasting impact on the world through education, training, and empowerment.”

The rebranding of i-believe.org to GBRI Foundation signifies a new chapter in the organization’s journey towards building sustainable communities globally. GBRI will continue its commitment to affordable and accessible sustainability education, while GBRI Foundation focuses on driving positive social impact through its non-profit initiatives.

For more information about GBRI Foundation and GBRI, please visit their respective websites: GBRI Foundation website – https://gbrifoundation.org/ and GBRI website – https://www.gbrionline.org/

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