Bringing Kids Back Into The Living Room With Virtual Reality And Gaming

May 26 18:51 2023
Create an amazing fun space in the living room

Are your kids no longer in the living room? Are they plugged into their devices? Kids used to come to the living room to watch TV with you. But now, they can watch movies, TV, YouTube and TikTok on their phones in the privacy of their bedrooms. They no longer have to argue with you or their siblings on what to watch or how much they watch.

As parents, you to want to spend more time with them. Your battles to get them off of their devices is never ending. However, you could, instead, join them in their fun and play games with them.

Today’s video games are unlike those of a previous generation – a solitary experience. Today, most games are multiplayer. The kids play in teams! It’s an extremely social activity. They can chat, laugh, argue and tease each other from their computers! See: Video games are social spaces, BBC: there a community on the other side of the screen., CNN: Cognitive benefits

VR takes it to another level. They are swinging and moving and dancing in the virtual world they are immersed in.

“Gaming and VR have become highly social activities, with a lot of social bonding going on, and are an ideal way to bring your kids back into the living room and share fun with them,” say the people behind ATLAS22.

How do you make this happen? Connect a PC do your TV for Gaming and VR. This may not at first seem like a great solution. But such a solution becomes a great “All in One” entertainment solution, with the added benefit of bringing your kids back into the living room.

With such a solution, in addition to Gaming and VR, you can watch Movies and TV, including Netflix, Amazon Movies, HBO Max, Disney+, Apple TV +, Hulu, Peacock, etc. Connect the PC audio to your stereo and blast music from Spotify, YouTube Music, Google Music, Apple Music, Pandora, etc. Access social media such as Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, and more. Kids can dance to TikTok on the big screen.

ATLAS22’s ALL digital entertainment solution is ideal for this. It provides all the features and performance needed for Gaming and VR, in an elegant Swedish designed package that would fit in to your living space décor nicely.

With this solution, you can have it all! You are Not just restricted to Movies and TV on an Apple TV or TV Stick. In fact, there is No need for these devices. Apple TV+ shows are available on a PC.

At the heart of ATLAS22’s ALL digital entertainment solution is an ULTRA Series Gaming Computer that is a very high-performance machine for playing any PC Game and VR at very high performance for an amazingly immersive experience.

Simply add this solution to you existing TV setup, its simple. Learn more about the ATLAS22 ALL digital entertainment solution here.

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